…you could make a million dollars. He showed me that if you applied yourself, great things could happen. It is very easy to miss the point that you can really do it. — Bruce Kovner

Interview in Market Wizards by Jack Schwager

The purpose of the writing on this site will be to identify investment themes with high payoff potential that are executable and understandable by investors who are not financial industry professionals.

One of my favorite memories from my teenage years was catching a 4 lb smallmouth bass out of the back of a flat-bottomed boat while floating down a river near our home. I was not a great fisherman and would typically catch non-keeper bass or small sun perch, if anything at all. My brother and dad were with me in the boat, saw the fish as it swam by, and encouraged me to cast back toward it as we floated downstream. I did so, and hooked the biggest fish that I remember catching during that time.

The goal of my writing on this site will be to perform a similar function for readers: Identify interesting opportunities and help give courage to make an attempt that could help you catch a whale – or something large enough to make your day, even if it doesn’t break any records.

I am not a financial services professional.  All information on this site should be regarded as informational or for entertainment only, and not as actual investment advice.

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